This small internet publisher offers David Bramhall's detailed and entertaining new book on organising and training children's choirs. The book is available only in electronic form and arrives in your email as a readable, printable file which can be opened on any computer






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"Training your young choir"
David Bramhall

".... very impressed with this book .... well written, with a very engaging and often amusing style" - The Mastersinger


David Bramhall describes in detail his methods and philosophy and expresses in forthright language his often controversial views on choir-training, with a wealth of musical examples.
Whether you are a music teacher in a primary or secondary school, a church organist or the conductor of a children's or youth choir you will find this book an invaluable source of guidance, ideas and inspiration.
Topics discussed include .....
The National Curriculum
What little children can and can't do
Early-years singing activities
Solfa and signing
Using notation - when and how?
Repertoire for younger children
Singing in parts
Choosing singers
Boys versus girls
Choosing repertoire
The rules of Copyright
Warm up exercises
Pacing your choir's work
How to teach a song
The young voice and how it works
Tone, articulation & breathing
Singing in tune
Finding performance opportunities
How to organise a concert
How to organise a concert-tour
Staging arrangements
Singing with an orchestra
When things go wrong

Here are some of the things competition judges and newspapers have said about David Bramhall's choirs in the past: ... a great deal of choral expertise ..... very beautiful indeed ..... a terrific performance ..... such a lovely sound and a good atmosphere ..... glossy, sensuous singing ..... entire programme was an adventure in choral singing ... a fine choir, beautifully trained ... What a wonderful choir! When can you come to Texas?
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