This small internet publisher offers David Bramhall's detailed and entertaining new book on organising and training children's choirs. The book is available only in electronic form and arrives in your email as a readable, printable file which can be opened on any computer

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How to buy this book ....

"Training your young choir" is NOT available in paper form at all, but can only be purchased in electronic form. We can deliver it to you in four different ways ....
• in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) by email. This is the recommended method - it's quick and has proved very reliable.
Note 1: It is not possible to use .hotmail addresses for this, as they have a limit on the size of file they will accept.
Note 2: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files are relatively compact but may still take a few minutes to download. Once downloaded, you will be able to read "Training your young choir" as often as you like, and print it out if you wish.

• in .pdf format on floppy disk, delivered by surface mail
• in .pdf format on CD-ROM, delivered by surface mail
• in .doc format (Microsoft Word) on CD-ROM, delivered by surface mail
Note: Word files repaginate themselves every time you open them, and unless your page settings are exactly the same as ours (which is not likely) some large gaps may appear. You won't actually lose anything - it just won't look so nice!
"Training your young choir" costs £12.50 (GBP). Click the "Buy now" button below to find an order form.
Click here now to buy this book!
Unless you've chosen the Word version, to read your copy of "Training your young choir" you need to have Adobe Acrobat software. Many modern PCs have Acrobat already installed. If yours hasn't, you can get it for nothing by clicking the button below. When you are asked to name a "platform", this means the operating system your computer uses - in most cases this will be a version of MS Windows.
If your computer has an older version of Acrobat, you may get some error messages and lose some text. We have found this problem with Acrobat Reader v.3, while v.4 and v.5 work perfectly. If you experience this problem, download the latest version (v.9) and use that. Click here to learn more.

Click this button to get Acrobat Reader free ....



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