This small internet publisher offers David Bramhall's detailed and entertaining new book on organising and training children's choirs. The book is available only in electronic form and arrives in your email as a readable, printable file which can be opened on any computer

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Note Perfect helps singers to learn their parts for some of the world's greatest choral works. If you've joined a choral society and are finding the notes difficult, this could be the site for you.
Schubertline is the internet's largest transposable library of opera arias, German lieder, French mélodies, English songs, duets etc. by a host of great composers.
Pay the Piper, a useful website for children and adults who are thinking of taking up a musical instrument - the advantages and disadvantages of each instrument, how to get lessons, how to practise, measuring your progress, how much it will cost - everything you need to know!
British Choirs on the Net, links to the websites of more than 750 choirs all over Great Britain.










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