This small internet publisher offers David Bramhall's detailed and entertaining new book on organising and training children's choirs. The book is available only in electronic form and arrives in your email as a readable, printable file which can be opened on any computer

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You bought "Training your young choir"
but are having trouble viewing it?

If you've got Acrobat Reader Version 3 you may find that parts of the text and the musical illustrations don't appear. This is a well-known fault with this version, and for the technically-minded there is an explanation and some tips on curing the problem at
For those of us who are NOT technically-minded, the simple solution is to download the latest version (5) of Acrobat Reader using the Acrobat button on our homepage. Once you've done so, you'll need to make sure that your computer goes to the new version by default by deleting the old version. Do this either by clicking "Start", "Programmes", "Adobe" and then starting the "Uninstall" utility, or by going through "My computer", "Control Panel" and "Add/uninstall programmes".
Version 4 of Acrobat Reader, though no longer up-to-date, appears to work satisfactorily.
Even if your software is operating correctly, please bear in mind that the file is quite large and takes a minute or two to open fully. Be patient. And don't attempt to scroll down the document too quickly - Acrobat Reader is a jolly good programme but sometimes it can't keep up with you!


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